What if your next big step toward impact and effectiveness has been under your leadership team's nose all along?

The Elemental Churches Inventory is a revolutionary web-based assessment system that combines individual and team learning through online tools and videos with sage coaching. It not only gives a focused snapshot of where you are, but provides a comprehensive report with recommended action steps that can be turned into your strategic plan. It’s a roadmap that's based on your own uploaded reports, assessments, and surveys as you and your team work through the personal and group exercises.


The Elemental Churches Inventory

The Elemental Churches Inventory guides your leadership team through a multi-faceted review of strengths and opportunities in four vital elements of your church’s life: Integrity (systems, processes, infrastructure), Passion (commitment to the mission), Servanthood (outward-focus), and Imagination (innovation, openness to change) using the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air metaphor. And because of its unique web-based approach, it’s a third of the cost of typical consulting!

Earth / Integrity


Build solid systems and processes.

Fire / Passion


Inspire passionate commitment for the mission of the church.

Water / Servanthood


Form a deep connection to the needs of your surrounding community.

Air / Imagination


Foster creative openness to the future and innovative ministry.


The complete Elemental Churches Inventory is seriously affordable. No kidding.

We believe that with the right tools, pastors can take their staff and key volunteers through a team-based, self-guided organizational-development curriculum that is transformational. The Elemental Churches Inventory guides leadership teams through a thorough online inventory of church health in dialogue with us. Combined with our interactive analysis, church leaders receive an in-depth report complete with recommendations and action steps.

From the beginning, our dream has been to provide high quality coaching/consulting at a price the average church can afford. Our mission is simple: To help your church grow as healthy and effective as God intends.

What Other Leaders Are Saying…


“Our time and money invested in an evaluation with Elemental Churches was well spent. The recommendations at the end of the process were spot on to give us a clear path forward in pursuing our stated mission. Partnership Advisors is an economical and effective consulting group who offer a wealth of insight and experience to move your church forward.” ~Bart Steever, Senior Pastor Parkside Christian Church (600 attendance)

“This has been an excellent process, informative, revealing and has given us a great way forward as a team and church.” ~John Wright, Senior Pastor and Vineyard UK National Director, Trent Vineyard Church, Nottingham UK (1700 attendance)

“Working with Partnership Advisors has been a tremendously helpful experience. Through their insights, observations and coaching we were able to better identify barriers to growth and create an action plan to address them. We would recommend them to any organizational leader who wants to not settle for the status quo.” ~Jonathan Bricker, Executive Pastor Indianapolis IN (1200 attendance)

“(The Elemental Church Inventory) has been a very valuable process…we could have used this 15 years ago.” ~Nathan Hardesty, Senior Pastor Bridgetown Church of Christ (250 attendance)

“I would describe our partnership more as a cooperative friendship with a true practitioner who understood us and asked real questions in order to lead us to real solutions.” ~Paul Baldwin, Executive Pastor Miami Florida Vineyard Church (2500 attendance)

“Dave Workman has been around the block . . . The four elements that he describes in his helpful book are insightful and useful. I'm thankful he is helping all of us to be better leaders.” ~Brian Tome, Senior Pastor Crossroads Community Church (22,000 attendance)

“Elemental Churches was a Godsend! Our staff is excited about future possibilities, and even though the work will be demanding, we are looking forward to the challenge. God bless you and Elemental Churches as you work with other churches in our city, our country and across the pond. We look forward to working with your leadership team again in the future.” ~Matt Holman, Senior Pastor Landmark Baptist Church (500 attendance)


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Elemental Churches

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What's your primary element?—Are you a Fire|Passion leader…or do you lean toward Air|Imagination? Would you see yourself primarily in the Water|Servanthood value…or flowing strong in Earth|Integrity? Take this free assessment and get your results immediately. Your highest total is your dominant elemental leadership strength. Typically, you’ll assess with 2-3 similarly scored elements and one that is obviously lower, which is often your blind spot when it comes situational leadership. More explanation follows the assessment, taken from the book Elemental Leaders: Four Essentials Every Leader Needs…And Every Church Must Have.

This is a comprehensive assessment and will take about 15 minutes.

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The Elemental Church Assessment and the Rate Your Systems Survey are available as part of the Elemental Church Inventory.

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